Acorn Lodge

Private Riverfront & Trails

Retreats, Forest Bathing, Reunions, and More 

Retreats, Forest Bathing, Reunions, and More

Airbnb posts on their site that Acorn Lodge is "One of the most loved homes on Airbnb, according to guests."

We love this, and hope you love Acorn Lodge as well. 

Notice: All rates reduced 10% for bookings scheduled for January & February of every year. 

Our Address is an Acorn!

Situated in 30 acres of woods, Acorn Lodge has 1.5 miles of walking trails, benches along the river and trails, every kind of  wildlife and flora found in this area of Michigan: a very pleasing atmosphere. The lodge receives rave reviews. 

Kayaks are available at a nearby rental facility. 

Beautiful scenery between Millville landing and Acorn Lodge. 

The lodge from the back yard. Two sliding doors come out from the lower level. A pleasant fire circle is further down in the yard.  

A Perfect Getaway for Get-togethers, Reunions, Retreats, and More

Before we go into the house, take a look at some of what's around here. This photo collage shows you 1) the sauna 2) the tree house in the woods 3) the river house 4) good friends around the fire circle 5) river house from a canoe rounding the bend 6) pool table 7) deer standing on top of Indian Mound 8 & 9) a turkey feast. 

The lodge kitchen can easily handle a Thanksgiving dinner. 

Acorn Lodge is a beautiful location both inside and out. The spacious living areas leave plenty of room to gather and talk. Catch up on everything from today, the future, and back to the old days. 

Weekend retreaters pose on the staircase.

Welcome to Acorn Lodge Page

Acorn Lodge sleeps 17 people. It has large gathering rooms and has hosted filming for television shows, writer and meditation retreats, family reunions, church retreats, business team building, forest bathers, wildlife groups, flower identification groups, and more. It contains a pool table for relaxation, a sauna, a back deck with grill, and the ancient camaraderie of the fire circle. There’s 1 ½ miles of trails with benches along the way, a cabin on the river, a tree house for wildlife viewing.  Basically, Acorn Lodge is a retreat center with high end amenities, hidden back in the woods and among nature. The review book is filled with superlatives. You will see all this and more in the pages that follow.

Bob & Linda Milne


The Living Room

A living room filled with plush chairs and a gas log fireplace is the perfect place to sit back with old friends and reminisce. Or discuss going forest bathing tomorrow and the next day. It's all right here. 

A warming fireplace

Situated right off the kitchen

A plush view to watch the game

An old Adirondack canoe has been converted to a book shelf

Warm and spacious.

A plush living room accommodates the whole bunch. 

A pleasant view from the living room.

The canoe also serves as a lighting source. 

Colorful bushes and plants grow outside the windows.

The Kitchen & Dining Area

The kitchen is spacious and contains all the standard pots & pans, small appliances, and much more. Deer are often seen outside the breakfast nook window in the morning.  

A solid oak Amish built dining table has room for ten chairs around it. 

Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook, munching counter, and lift top table all come together to provide plenty of room for dining. There's spare chairs & foldup tables on hand, plus more in the lower level. 

When you bring the whole gang, there are 20 folding chairs and 3 six-foot folding tables hanging in the garage. 

More appliances are in the sliding drawer cabinet by the refrigerator. 

There's plenty of counter space. 

Everything here, including a 25 lb. turkey, can be easily prepared in the Acorn Lodge kitchen. 

Three 6' fold up tables and 20 more chairs are available.  This one was used as a serving table. 

The feast is on. 

You can walk out here to the back deck, picnic table, grill with canopy, bed swing (out of sight to the left), of keep going out to the fire circle. 

The master bedroom door is off the foyer. 

A small half-bath "powder room" is aroud the corner from the coat rack. 

The Bedrooms

The master bedroom features a queen size bed with access to the back deck. A jetted tub and marble shower (seen left of tub) are in the bathroom, as well as a lighted shaving/makeup mirror and heated towel rack. 

The master bedroom is spacious and with plenty of closet and space and drawers

 There's plenty of closet space. A short hallway to the left leads to the master bathroom.

You can go right through the sliding doors and be at the beds wing on the back deck

Heated towel rack (above)

Lighted shaving/makeup mirror.

Walk-in marble shower

A jetted tub, also known as a Jacuzzi, massages your muscles

The 2nd Floor

There are two bedrooms upstairs, The Quiet Shadows and Forest View rooms feature both twin and full size beds. The view of the forest from up here is superb. A day bed is also on the loft, as well as a full bathroom with towel warmer, tub and shower. 

The staircase to the 2nd floor is right off the corner of the living room. 

There's two bedrooms, a daybed, and a full bath up there.

The Forest View bedroom lives up to its name. There are both twin and full beds in each bedroom. 

Forest View bedroom overlooks the back deck. The entrance to 1.5 miles of trails can be seen back in the trees. 

Just outside the two bedrooms, a day bed (twin size) sits in the loft. 

The staircase back down. Old snow shoes with pine cones a foot long find a home here.

View out bedroom window of grill tent and fire circle.

The Lower Level is a magnificent combination of American building ingenuity and northern Canadian furniture craftsmanship

The door opens off the kitchen.

View coming down the stairs.

Hallway to the bedrooms.

This is the place for family gathering. Many pool games and sing-a-longs have gone on here. A furnace on the far wall keeps everyone comfy during cooler weather. The thermostat is down the bedroom hallway.

Fabulous recliners with log end tables to set your coffee. 

One-of-a-kind end tables. This one comes from a double tree. 

Plush recliners roll back at the push of a button.

Watch the game from here. 

Grab you cues, guys & girls. Game on. 

Seven nice stools are available for crafting, playing cards, or whatever. 

The stools are stacked neatly in the back corner.

The pool table doubles as a serving table if needed. It's cover is great for setting up goodies or using for crafts, seminars, or more.

The woodwork glows around the dinette table.

Behind the main gathering room is a kitchenette with microwave and refrigerator, a sauna, and a full bathroom. 

Bathroom interior. 

A nice shower is at hand. 

A sink and microwave. Much of the artwork in the lodge comes from local artists. 

Refrigerator, microwave, & sink.

A cupboard filled with coffee cups, knick knacks, and more.

The Lodge Insignia is on both pool table cover and snack bar.

 The Sauna

The sauna has a rich cedar aroma.

The word "sauna" is thought to come from the Finnish word "savuna," which means "in smoke."

A sink is provided so no one has to open the door to refill the bucket.

The Sauna Timer is Unique

The timer will go for 15 minutes.

It rotates upward to start.

Now it's in start position. 

You can chill out in here ... unless that's not quite the right choice of words. 

Inside the Blue Heron Bedroom 

Rustic coat/robe pegs are found in the bedroom hallway.

Queen size bunk beds are in both bedrooms. 

The bunkbeds have sturdy ladders.

A rustic chest of drawers comes from our friends in Canada. It's a masterpiece of colorful craftsmanship.

A closer look

View from the back of Blue Heron bedroom.

Inside the Northern Pike Bedroom

The Northern Pike bedroom is at the end of the hall. 

Like the Blue Heron room, it's a queen size bunk bed.

The golden glow and aroma of real knotty pine wood  isn't found that often anymore. But it's here.

View from the back of the room.

A custom set of cedar drawers is here. 

A peg clothes rack will support your hat, robe, or coat. Or anything else. 

One last photo: the view from inside the sauna.

Acorn Lodge in Winter

The lodge lights glow both inside and out.

The Chieftain weathered many winters here. 

 A mighty profile surveys the land.

The front decoration changes seasonally. 

The front window also changes seasonally. 

The River House stands guard over slowly freezing water.

Our little workhorse ATV keeps trails clean. 

The freeze moves in. 

Old Glory flies 24/7 every day of the year. 

You can find our calendar of dates available and book Acorn Lodge on either the "Contact Us" or "Book Acorn Lodge" pages.

Thank you for reading! Please enjoy the other pages we have put up about Acorn Lodge.