There are two golf courses right here in Lapeer. The golf guide says there's 40 more in the area. 

The Amazing Huckleberry Village About 30 Minutes Away 

To see their website click here

The Huckleberry Train is a fun ride for both kids & adults.

Crossroads Village is part of the Huckleberry Park.

Yes, a 1912 carousel is kept in excellent shape. Come ride your horsey. 

Zehnders Restaurant, Frankenmuth, Michigan

Zehnders is a classic institution, founded back in the days of the stage coach riders who stopped at Mrs. Zehnder's farm house for a chicken dinner. Today it has grown into a landmark 5* restaurant with 13 different dining rooms in it. Zehnders also hosts all kinds of special events, including its famous ragtime festival.

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The Main Dining Room at Zehnders

Buttercup Beach: about 15 minutes from Acorn Lodge

Buttercup Beach is a pleasant place to be.

Wolverine campground is nearby.  

Nice swimming area. 

Romantic campfires by the lake. 

Torzewski Water Park: 20 minutes from Acorn Lodge

It has a water slide. 

Kids love the pirate boat. 

The water mushroom is a huge attraction. 

Lapeer County Courthouse

The oldest courthouse in Michigan

The courthouse was built in 1846. 

A plaque commemorates its historical significance. 

It is well maintained. Tours are available. 

Take the Train to Lapeer

You can always catch a ride to Lapeer.

A historic train station was restored and is active today.

A picture from the old days. 


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Toboggan Hill is the perfect place to let 'er rip in the winter. Located in a Genesee County park, it's about five miles from Acorn Lodge.

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