Special Uses Retreats, Wintertime Getaways, & More

Wintertime at the Lodge

A Category 6 Media Group drone operator gets ready to film overhead views of Acorn Lodge for an investigative film they produced. 

Retreats & Study Groups

All kinds of groups have had their retreats at Acorn Lodge. A sampling would include spiritual, music, cooking, yoga, women's health, corporate bonding, forest bathing, nature, and more. 

Chefs and Cooking Programs

Master chefs have used Acorn Lodge to display their culinary triumphs. We had this table top made to cover the pool table to accommodate them. 

Music Retreats

Music retreats, such as the Michigan Ragtime Retreat and others, are hosted at Acorn Lodge.

A student learns the tricks of ragtime by playing along 4-handed. 

The meeting room has a television screen to plug in your seminar information. The kitchenette table at the back/left has cider & donut snacks plus more on it. Three coffee pots keep the supply going.  

One music group always features hot fudge cream puffs for dessert. 

Retreaters fix breakfast, lunch, and dinner right in the lodge. 

Cruising Down the River

Many people come to Acorn Lodge for canoe and kayaking retreats. 

Note: we don't supply canoes or kayaks. Please either bring your own or we can put you in touch with a rental agency. 

One popular canoe excursion begins at Millville Landing, just two miles from Acorn Lodge. It takes 1.5 hours to kayak back to the Lodge riverfront. However, many people continue further on to other landings as well. 

Acorn Lodge is a friend to the river paddlers. We often put out bottled water and a chance to rest at our landing. 

Discussion Groups 

A college study group poses for a photo following several days of learning. 

 After dinner outside, a book discussion group fills us in on their latest findings.

Business Retreaters

Players from major pool & billiard organizations relax after a day of fellowship. 

The developers of the Lapeer Solar Park, 250,000 solar panels, used Acorn Lodge as their home base during the installation time. They hosted various business guests either inside the lodge or sitting around in the woods on the benches.  This was the largest solar installation in Michigan at the time. 

You can find our calendar of dates available and book Acorn Lodge on the "Book Acorn Lodge" page.

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