Acorn Lodge: Pleasant both Inside & Out

The legendary Ottawa chief Pontiac lived in this area.  His statue stands proudly in our front yard. 

Our decorative tree stump changes with the seasons of the year. 

As soon as you turn into the driveway you'll find an inviting bench under the branches. 

A Famous Name From the Past

Pontiac, powerful chief of the Ottawas, lived in this area in the 1700s. His council bluff is very close to Acorn Lodge. We honor the Chieftains' past history with this statue, carved by a local master. Local historians relate tribal history all over this area. Many native American artifacts have been found here and in surrounding areas. An Indian burial mound is back in the woods.  

A specially crafted statue for Acorn Lodge. Chief Pontiac holds an acorn in his palm.  

Gary Elzerman, wood sculpture

Chief Pontiac Sitting Area

Log signs are locally made. You'll find them throughout the woods.

The Back Deck

On the other side of the lodge, the Back Deck is a favorite hangout for our guests. Entrances from inside are at both the kitchen/dining area and the master bedroom. 

The back deck and grounds

The deck has a grill with lighted canopy, table with benches, a patio heater, and a bed swing visible further back. 

The perfect grilling site.

The bed swing is screened in and comfy. 

A deck heater stands guard in case the weather cools off. 

The Fire Circle: A Place for Bonding and Good Fellowship

The fire circle is only a few steps from the deck. 

An "igloo" style fire screen covers it.

The green box contains fire starter and mosquito repellant

Plenty of chairs surround the circle

Fire Circle in late afternoon shadows, with lodge in the background

The firewood supply comes from whatever has fallen down in the woods recently.

The beginning of the trails and adventure start here.

The back corner of the lawn leads to 1.5 miles of nature trails. 

You can find our calendar of dates available and book Acorn Lodge on either the "Contact Us" or "Book Acorn Lodge" pages.

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