Nature Preserves Nearby

Acorn Lodge is itself a nature preserve, and we are located right in the middle of other nature preserves. Our good neighbors offer excellent nature tours and educational programs as well.  

If you are a nature lover and looking for this kind of experience, you can plan your stay at Acorn Lodge, enjoy our woods and river, and then visit as many of our neighbors as you wish. Zemmer Park has a boat launch, Seven Ponds has trails and educational programs, and For-Mar Park is spectacular and offers programs as well. There are more parks like these and we can provide you with names upon request. 

The 1.5 miles of trails at Acorn Lodge are filled with wildlife and flora. Many of our guests will bring a book and binoculars, then just sit on a bench out there for a while and let the show come to you. The treehouse, where you have a roof over your head and heat if you need it, is an especially good location for watching the creatures from above. We've had pileated woodpeckers land in trees right next to us, then begin their machine-gun sounding tree attack to drill holes and wipe out bugs.  

Click on the Acorn Trails button (menu left side) to see what's on the trails at Acorn Lodge, then continue on to view what a sampling of our friends have to offer. 

Seven Ponds Nature Center

The Seven Ponds Nature Center is a beautiful place to spend an afternoon with wildlife and long walks in the woods. 

They feature all kinds of educational programs, wildlife and/or biology tours, and more. 

Check out their website with the button above. 

For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum

Forbes & Martha Merkley donated their 383 acre dairy farm to the county to be used as a nature preserve.  This generous donation resulted in the beautiful and educational For-Mar Nature Preserve & Arboretum. Check out their website with the button above. 

Zemmer Park

Zemmer Park is a great place to take a lunch, go for a hike, or sit back and watch whatever comes by on either land or water. If you have a boat you can putter on down to the Holloway Dam and back. 

Zemmer Park is ten minutes from Acorn Lodge. Check out their website above. 

The Polly Ann Trail

The Polly Ann Trail was the railroad line of the Pontiac, Oxford &Northern Railroad. Many steam locomotives blasted their way along this route before the Railroad Company went out of business. Now it's a beautiful and quiet walking path, filled with nature's beauty. 

This trail is about a 15 minute drive from Acorn Lodge. 

The Southern Links Trailway 

The Southern Links Trailway is another former railroad that has been reinvented now as a nature trail. The SLT is paved for bicycle enthusiasts, and even includes pump stations for your tires. 

You can reach this trail by a short 10 minute drive from Acorn Lodge.